Friday, April 14, 2006

Formation of a New Art Community

Formation of a New Art Community

A new book on classical fables is out—and it is a winner. Some of the art is in the Primitive Folk Art tradition, some in Romantic Watercolor tradition. The work has a charm that is enduring. All art was produced by mentally and physically challenged individuals in a special art education program, but that fact doesn’t diminish the quality of the book’s illustrations.

Some of the images reach out and grab your fancy in the ways of all good art. Some characterizations are so real that you can see the personality of the person or animal drawn shine through so that you know exactly what it is thinking or planning or whether you can expect mischief from it. Kids will love these pictures. I already do. Visit
for a view of the group’s website*. Look for the book Disabled Fables.

On Today (NBC) members of LA Goal were interviewed about their new book Disabled Fables. Members are disabled: legally blind, autistic, mentally and physically challenged, etc. The organization provides them with art education. Chosen art has been used to illustrate a retelling of Aesop’s Fables.

You can find out more about the group at

Look under the Resources section and the article Disabled Fables. Clicking there will take you to the link for Inside Out Productions in the 3rd above paragraph.

I have recently run across other art that I love. One artist that I discovered last week, Kay Schlagel, has allowed me to use one of her digital art abstracts in my PowerPoint® Template Design Series. Visit my website to see more of this artist’s work in the near future. You can see more of her work at

This link takes you straight to my favorite image. Browse for the others. Beautiful stuff.

Anything that makes us joyful extends our lifetime. That's what the research is saying, anyway, so I offer you beautiful images on which to gaze and smile. Sustaining, huh?

Sorry about the typos today, but I really must run to other tasks and have no time to fix stuff. Bear with me please.

*Personally, I want web site and web page to be one word. It saves on word counts and on typing. I will use them as one word here to encourage others to do so. The e-vocabulary words all need standardizing, too. Another blog? Estore, eshop, elearn?

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