Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brigitte Gabriel on Booktv

I watched the rerun of Brigitte Gabriel's talk to The Heritage Foundation on this Sunday. In this presentation she reminds us that saving our way of life in America requires the action of its citizens and constant diligence.

This talk is a must for all people who want to save modern civilization. She makes some telling points. (As you read this list of her points, please be aware that I heard her words and responded so emotionally that instead of limiting my list to what she said, I could be also adding my own words to hers.)

1. The Jihad is a real war and will end only when the world is completely converted to the Jihadists version of Islam.
2. The Jihadists are converting members in the United States as actively as they are in other nations.
3. The moderate Muslims of the American mosques must speak out to stop the movement and stop protecting the movement or the Jihadists will take over.
4. The texts fostering the Jihadist movement in American mosques are from Saudi Arabia.
5. Threats made by the leader(s) of Iran should be believed.
6. The Jihadists do not respect modern values or modern civilization--in fact they abhor them.
7. By being politically correct, we Americans are preventing ourselves from stating the truth about radical beliefs and goals.
8. Stopping terrorism on American soil requires some invasions of privacy by intelligence gatherers.
9. Moderate Muslims must speak out against the Jihadists.
10. All Americans must contact their congressmen to let them know that this threat is real and that we must fight it.

Ms. Gabriel is not against the Muslim religion of Islam. She does not believe that all Muslims are fanatics. She calls on all moderate Muslims to stop the fanatics in their mosques by speaking out and notifying the proper authorities of terrorist tendencies and activities.

I often asked myself how a parent would not know that his/her child was an alcoholic or drug abuser. How could a parent turn a blind eye to the child's self-destruction? It happens. All the time. Parents make money available to their children so their children can destroy themsleves. Americans give their children hours of unsupervised time so their children are not protected from the evils of the world. We American must be great enablers or so many children would not be destroying their own lives.

By the same token, the moderate Muslims are enabling the growth of Jihad on American soil.

To preserve freedom of religion, the religions must police their own. To preserve America, all of us must realize that we are at war with an idea that will destroy us if we do conquer it. Ms. Gabriel is right about the danger of allowing a movement as dangerous today as Hitler was to Europe in the mid-1900's. Our way of life will be no more if the Jihadists win.

Make no mistake. This is not a battle against a religion. This is a battle for the future of civilization. Islam has a place in the future of the world, just as other religions do. The Jihad is not a religious war. It is a war of a dictatorial group hoping to control the lives of all persons on earth. What these fanatics do is for their own glory and power, not any god's. A god of destruction such as they protray would destroy the entire human race in very little time.

I for one do not want any religious group dictating how I must act and what decisions I must make. That is unAmerican and undemocratic. I definitely do not want a religion that is not of my choosing to dictate my life. I want my grandchildren to be free to choose.

The mp3 presentation of this talk is available from The Heritage Foundation. The streaming video is available from

Her book, Because they Hate, is available from Amazon or at her website,

When I was googling urls for this post, I came across this blog, From the Beltway, that talks about the issues of the Lebanese- Americans and the Lebanese people. It links to dozens more.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Images of Global Warming

Memes are so cool, especially the visual kind. I just went searching through Fotolia for images on global warming for my website. Smokestacks and melting glaciers abounded. So did globes drawn amid flames. But this one is my favorite. Says it all, don't you think. I can't wait to place it within a lesson.