Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coding in the new HTML5 and CSS3

I just posted another article in my blog; read it now. I listed a set of very helpful sites that will get you started using the new HTML5.

Since most browsers and many app engines and other media already are using HTML5, it will soon take over as the preferred basic website development code. It does not look hard to learn if you are already coding in XHTML. There are some new tags, which greatly expand the usability of the code. Since the new ddt is backwards compatible, you can take your time learning the new ways by coding some sections of your pages in HTML5 and some in XHTML. And it is an XML code with all that usefulness. Use it with CSS3.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Valerie's WyzAnt Tutoring Blog -- 8/1/11

Valerie's WyzAnt Tutoring Blog

I just wrote about tricks for teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten children to count and Kindergarten and first graders to begin to use simple fractions.

Yep, I am tutoring a bit now.
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