Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dolly and Pony

Much is being said about the new industry for cloning horses. Two champion geldings, Royal Blue Boon and Tap O Lena, just became proud fathers of clones born to them by surrogate mares. ViaGen, a Texas company, is pioneering the cloning of champions for commercial purposes.

Expensive, yes, but even horses need an alternative to a reversable vasectomy.

Read my poem about cloning in Culture Star Reader.
After enjoying the art on the first page, link to Poetry and then to A Tribute to Dolly.
I have written a longer version of the poem. Look for a reference to it in the future.

Two references to news articles on the cloning of champion horses are found here:
(you may have to go to the home page, register, and search for cloned poney.)
There are 2 associated story links at the bottom of this article. Both are well worth reading.

What is unique here is the commercial enterprise applied to champion horses. The first cloned horse was born in Italy in 2002. Farm animals have been cloned for years now, especially cows, sheep, and pigs. There is even a company interested in cloning your pet dog or cat when it dies.

Several blogs have commentary and comments about the mammal cloning enterprise this week.
which has just moved to a new site.
Visit there to read additional comments about cloning.
This site has interesting comments.

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