Friday, April 28, 2006


What has impressed me this week? Lucy Liu's account of the ethnic cleansing/holocaust in Africa and the children kidnapped to be soldiers in the fight as reported on the Oprah show; the work of other actors in Africa in building public awareness for the plight of the warrior children, the women who have clittoral removal, the ethnic cleansing, AIDS, and the extreme poverty. The world is so full of horror. We in the USA are so lucky.

It is sad that the worst cases of man's disasters all result from activity that man does to man. I know it is politically correct to respect all cultures and, romantically, to desire to preserve indigeneous cultures. But the modern countries today are more peaceful and more comfortable to live within. It is the modern countries that will be called upon to solve the problems of these people that are powerless to solve the problems themselves.

I have not much to say today. Everyday living is absorbing all of my attention and energy right now.

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sharlet said...

A post that reveals great insight. People always talk about preserving indigenous cultures, but I believe eventually they will all have to come to terms with development and be assimilated as we run out of space (with increasing global population) and as urbanisation creeps into every corner of the world.