Saturday, April 01, 2006

The True Crime of Illegal Immigration

I have no problems with illegal immigrants. If they paid taxes on their wages, then they should receive the state services that hospital rooms and schools complain are underfunded. But they do not pay taxes because the employers that give the illegal immigrants jobs do not claim them or set aside the taxable contributions of their wages.

But even the dearth of taxes to cover free medical services and public schooling is not the biggest crime of illegal immigration. The worst of criminal acts here is exploitation. Illegal aliens forgo legal protection in order to find work and provide their children with the American Dream. American employers then exploit them in extremely low paying jobs and sweat shops. Yes, I know we have such laws. But all our energies and outrage seem to be focused on the bordercrossing poor, not on the well off American voters who flaunt the law and deserve--but escape--the punishment.

Charitable organizations, churches and generous people enable this exploitation by protecting the illegal alien from discovery by the INS, all the while keeping them for the use of the slavers--ah--exploiters, the employers. Why are these same organizations, churches and generous people not sponsoring the people they help work visas and green cards? Why set these aliens up for abuse?

If we want to get serious about preventing illegal immigration, enforce the laws that require employers to pay minimum wage, at least, and to check citizenship and visa status. Convict the real criminals: those American employers that exploit the immigrants and virtually own the lives of these exploited people.

Illegal immigrations occur because the poor of other countries know that in the United States they can find work, health care and an education. Convict the employers and give them meaningful prison terms. Soon these aliens will get their student and work visas in order, and probably pay their taxes, too.

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