Friday, July 14, 2006

Grammar in a Tech Society

I have ideas about how to make typing info easier in today’s tech savvy world.

(1) Webpage and website should be one word. That makes them easier to type, and to read in bookmark sites such as my account at (I invite to share my bookmarks on science, education, on-line learning, and other topics I collect for my blog and website.)

(2) Maybe I just do not know the right shortcuts, but how do you type the sentence punctuation after a link? For example, look at the sentences in Living Machines above. I placed periods and commas after making the link, spacing, then backspacing to place the punctuation. Since the typing was originally in Word, the link was hyperlinked automatically once I spaced after typing.

(3) Typing chemistry formulas such as CO2 is not actually correct. But, I see it often in .pdf and other files where it is just too cumbersome to use subscripts. Superscripts are also difficult. Will a new grammar rule result?


Anonymous said...

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Valerie said...

I checked out the link in the above comment. It is to a brand new website that looks promising, but there are no articles or actual info there to be sure. Maybe the comment refers to an article in progress. The site looks promising, though.

Valerie said...

Did I mention the way I date my notes to myself to save having to use caps when I type? and to save keystrokes?

Example: 23oct10