Monday, July 17, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I love those extreme homes on HGTV. Now the Travel Channel is showing unsual homes. Today's show, Top Ten Outrageous Homes, featured a steel home on steel legs, a concrete dome built over a balloon, and hand-built homes in Sun City, NM, that included a convection-current heating system made from glass-bottle walls.

The domes are billed as storm-proof. Do you think any of the designs will be used in the rebuilding of the coastal areas? Several hurricane-proof designs are out there, but the homes are unconventional. If only they were more popular. It might save a lot of future grief.

See more images of the steel house at this site. Read what a forum community has to say about this houes.

Dome homes are among the list of eco-friendly houses listed here.

The geodesic dome and the concrete dome house are both listed in a google search of dome houses.

The concrete dome is discussed here.

Do you think housework would be more fun if the home was extremely unsual? I wish!

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