Friday, July 14, 2006

Living Machines

An explanation of living machines technology was presented by Penn State in 2002,, but I came across it after Googling living machines because I had just watched a show on lime TV.

Googling also took me to the site of an architectural/bioengineering firm that designs and constructs buildings, both commercial and home, that incorporate both solar energy and living machines with other green building strategies. Surely this is the way to go.

In fact the show on lime claimed such technology to be (1) sustainable, and (2) paradigmatic. Yes, a paradigm shift is in the works. Get information about the program from The program that aired was called The Next Industrial Revolution, and profiled the work of Bill McDonough, architect, and Michael Braungart, chemist. In fact, the show claimed that these two were instigating a paradigm shift in architecture.

You can get information and free videos about lots of green ideas from

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