Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas and Gift Shopping and Blogging

The following is my response to a few comments that seem to be suggesting gifts or advertising time for their own products. A few of the comments have simply been denied posting. Some are not necessarily spam, but a real desire to communicate in a dialog. In the spirit of dialog, I posted this comment response. Then I thought I would share it with all Soapbox readers.

Comment Post

Commerce on a political opinion blog post? As moderator, I delete what appears to be spam--obvious advertising--maybe a blog that collects spam would be interesting to some? As the webmaster of an estore, I must, for my own profit, invite you to visit my website, VCCTI or my cafepress sites entered from the first one: Valerie's Memes

What can you buy from me? Lots. I am affiliated with numerous merchants from whose shopping carts you will actually buy the products.

My own products are educational templates/forms, and PowerPoint design templates. I offer some free examples. My Design Template Sets are suitable for personal, small friendly churches and businesses, and educational use. The images in the templates can be use as backgrounds and clipart for personal stationery and such by the purchaser or gift receiver.

End of original comment post

Might I add that my essays at VCCTI each contain special items for sale?