Sunday, November 11, 2007

Additions to my Soapbox


I have added an unbox videos from Amazon that lists science fiction movies. I have seen these and can safely recommend them to older kids that are used to watching movies that might be R (Like Bladerunner) due to violence and language, but that have concepts that create teachable moments---and they are fun to watch. Many are rated G.

I am a proponent of great science fiction for teaching. My favorites are Enemy Mine, Outbreak, Space Camp, 2015, and Anddromeda Strain--for teaching. For enjoyment, I suggest the entire list. But there are more. One of my favorites is Murder by Moonlight for plot and scifi concepts. However, the acting wasn't the best and it never made it past videotape. You can get it from Amazon.

I have also opened an new shop on CafePress Picket Fence Friends.

Since I last posted, I have added pages to my website, including free downloads of some of our products. Check out the site that I call VCCTI for short.

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