Saturday, May 10, 2008

Democrat Competition

For some reason the Democratic Party arranged their state primaries to continue choosing between candidates until a date close to the national elections. Somehow this party arrangement is being touted as the fault of candidates that are campaigning according to the Democratic Party's plan set in place well before the campaigning began.

How is it the fault of any Democratic candidate that campaigning to be nominee will continue until just before the national election? How can it be destructive to the Democratic Party to have the arrangements made by the party be followed to the letter?

I think it wonderful that finally the Democrats have 2, count them -- 2, strong candidates that the populace obviously care about deeply. The voter turn-out is high, a fact that should be celebrated. As for party divisiveness, well, maybe the party should have planned a wiser campaign logistic.

I ask you, would you want a namby-pamby presidential nominee who couldn't go the campaign distance?

Even more disturbing, why is the press trying to convince the public that the Democratic Party is in trouble when the candidates are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing? Why is the press trying to influence the election? Why is the press busy trying to tell the people what to think when they should only be reporting the news? Too often their comments sound like an attempt to make the news. That is sad. That is the product of a conglomerate-owned press. Reporters are now entertainers and manipulators of the audience rather than perveyers of facts concerning real events.

Democrats now have 2 strong candidates. One will take the nomination. One will, because these are two politicians of fine character, support the other that does get the nomination. It would be a shame for the followers of the non-nominee to, after setting the rules for the party primaries to begin with, play sour-grapes and not fully support the actual nominee.

The Democratic Party campaigns have been run the way these campaigns should be run: honestly and without undue influence. The press, after witnessing the coercions of the Republican leaders to force all to toe the party line, should appreciate the openness and persistence of these candidates. Both have shown the strength of character that will be needed in a president. It is a shame that the campaigns cost so much, but that is the American way.

My opinion? The 2nd place winner should become either Vice President or Sec. of State. The 2nd place winner should be further groomed for running for president again, say, in 8 years. And John Edwards should be given a strong cabinet position. Maybe he, too, will run again.