Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Take on the Debate : Palin puts down Biden

Palin displayed charm and grace during the VP debate this past week. Using her best beauty-queen persona and sorority-sister method of disagreeing with another, she charmingly denigrated Biden's comments on the Bush influence on Republican policies, past and future, and proceeded to graciously avoid answering the moderator's question. In the manner described by her spokesperson to CNN who explained Palin's non-responsive answers to many of Couric's question as her method of choosing which questions she will not answer so that--I interpreted her as saying--the discussion doesn't get bogged down in the complexity of answers and possible questions that such complexities would bring to the fore.

Through the entire debate, Palin's beautiful smile almost blinded me to the fact that she did not offer any viable solutions to our nation's problems, nor did she effectively describe McCain's solutions to said problems. She quoted Obama in stating, "Change," but did not describe what the changes would be--nor even what needed to be changed. Her use of sound-bites throughout her responses resonated with the public, who, being familiar with the meaning of each Word, knew exactly what that Word implied.

In closing, I say to you, "Word!"


Burr Deming said...

Governor Palin did very well for herself.

Joe Biden merely did well for Obama.

But I have not yet heard anyone from any side express any concern about the most dangerous possibility if Governor Palin is elected to national office.

Valerie said...

Thanks for the comment and the opportunity to continue the discussion.

There are so many ways that the Republican Party line exhibits "dangerous possibilities."

I will be voting for Obama.

I also consider the role of the vice-presidential candidate to be one of doing well for his presidential running-mate. We can judge his abilities and opinions through what he says for his presidential candidate. I saw Biden's sincere belief in his ability to work with and under Obama as a president and in his acceptance of Obama's policies as those he can support during Obama's potential presidency. Should Biden become president, his continuation of those policies will be guided--as it should be-- by the his judgement of their continuing viability, not hero-worship of a man no longer in office.

Readers, do visit Deming's link under "most dangerous" for an intriguing site for political discourse.