Saturday, October 04, 2008

Redefining the Constitution

I found it interesting that Governor Palin was willing to continue the practice of expanding the powers of the vice-president beyond those defined in the United States Constitution.

I was under the impression that a belief in the strict interpretation of The Constitution was a criteria of the Republicans for choosing justices to serve on the Supreme Court. Yet Cheney has managed to redefine the role of the Office of Vice-President without recourse to the intentions of the Founding Fathers, the authors of the Constitution of the United States.

Another surprise is the unquestioning acceptance of The Press for this expansion of VP-Power. Now that the new, expanded role of the Vice President is not subject to question and that now that the office is more powerful than was defined by the Founding Fathers, no one will say nay to such expansion of power--so says CNN when reporting on Palin and Biden's responses to the role of the Vice-President during their debate this past week.

Seems like expanding those powers, as would be the case if she is given the agenda of issues to work on as VP which she described during the vice-presidential candidates' debate this past week, would be a progressive interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. I find it interesting that such a progressive interpretation is anathema to the pro-life movement. A strict interpretation of the Constitution is required to support the pro-life claim that the Roe vs Wade decision is actually unconstitutional and should be repealed as such.

Why is no one suprised that this lady who is now the key role model of feminist accomplishment is not pro-choice?

For that matter, why is no one objecting to the politics that will force a seventeen-year-old into a marriage for which neither bride nor groom is mature enough?

Maybe she is not the Conservative that I thought she was.

I will be voting for Obama and Biden.
I am not an Originalist in terms of Constitutional Interpretation.

I believe that our Constitution is a flexible document with meaning that is to be interpreted against the needs of current society. I believe that the strength of our country lies in the value of our heritage that guides us in making ethical, democratic decisions that are held in check by the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, yet allowing us to evolve into a an advanced society of the modern world.

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