Friday, November 12, 2010

An Example of an Online Library Resource

I was given the opportunity to share this passage with you since I am an affiliate. I figure all students need access to a quality library online. Hence I collect merchants to advertise that meet this need. That said, enjoy learning about a religious symbol or two.
And do not forget about the affiliate disclosure in the side panel!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Using Literature to let the Abused know that You are Not Alone

There are all kinds of classic literature out there that people with problems can read and see themselves in the reading. Hopefully, this is therapeutic; hopefully it accelerates the healing process. There are modern novels out there, too, that serve such a function. I read one such book last week.

In a few pages it chronicled the stripping away of the ego of a victim in an abusive marriage. But this story, told here with her too-rapid acceptance of healing insights, is a bodice-ripper romance. Why should that matter? Maybe the book will be read by the women who might not read more classical works. Maybe the audience will be larger. Maybe it will catch the eye of someone who needs the reassurance that is really is not her fault; that there is a way out.

Ok, the insights and the ego-stripping techniques are textbook. But since the textbooks relate what is typical, then that in itself is a service.

Here's the book. Romance Readers, enjoy. Be prepared to shed a tear or two. And share it with friends. Maybe one in need will read it, too.