Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Why Teach with Science Fiction

I have posted 10 reasons for using science fiction to teach science to the blog Reading for the Future Reflections.

The article is based on a paper I co-wrote years ago, but is still relevant today.

There are many books on the value of Science Fiction. Of interest to school teachers are the works of Julie Czerneda that offer lessons on teaching with science fiction.
Search for czernadaStardust: Teacher's Guide (Tales from the Wonder Zone)
Odyssey: Teacher's Guide (Tales from the Wonder Zone) and Packing Fraction &_Other Tales of Science &_Imagination (2002 publication)

More lessons and thoughts on using all types of speculative fiction with students k-12 are presented on the blog Reflections and in my website. Feel free to explore that webpage for more teaching tips.

Try Past through Tomorrow for Heinlein' short stories that are guaranteed to interest youth. There there is Wondrous Beginnings, an anthology of authors' first works. Mostly short stories that should interest your young adult readers. From Piper is Federation and from Asimov is  everything he wrote.


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Valerie said...

Interested in the topic teaching with SF? Reading for the Future, Inc and AboutSF will present a teacher workshop at WorldCon's Renovation 2011 in August in Las Vegas. Read about it in the Reading for the Future's Reflections blog ( or at AboutSF ( the RFF website ( There is information at the Reading For the Future page on Facebook, too. (Yes, For is in caps)

Visit all these sites for booklists and lessons and discussions on the topic, too.~Valerie, proud volunteer with RFF, Inc.

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