Sunday, October 20, 2013

About Artisans, Antiques, Gifts, Collectables, and Refinished Furniture, Texas Style

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 Visit my new blog Talking about This and That, the official blog of the resale/thrift shop Mertie's This and That in Brazoria, TX.

Well, it isn't really my blog, but I am managing it and writing it.

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One of my posts focused on renovating furniture. In this post, I report on my chat with a local artisan who refinishes furniture with a Texan style. In fact, he calls his shop Texas Attitude. Donn Correll turns junk finds into beautiful items. He not only refinishes furniture, he also crafts parts to replace damaged sections and to create that Texan look.

 If you want  to contact Donn about his furniture hobby, visit my website and send me an email.

This dresser with shelf is an example of Donn's work. How he altered the original is part of the blog post.
I hope you enjoy the articles. They reflect a new business that my husband and I have started to supplement our retirement funds. You can read more about this in Valerie's Memos, which will serve as a newsletter for our new company Coskrey Biz, at least for now.  There could be more articles to Valerie's Memos separate from a newsletter function, but as a newsletter, it works.

I used another blog as a newsletter once. To keep articles separate, I posted a newsletter listing in a Page. Took some extra work, but I wanted to know if a blog subscription list was more effective than a mailing list. Probably not, but until the mailing grows, it will suffice.

Bye for now.  ~Valerie

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