Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hi,I 'm back.

wooded yard
I was able to enjoy this view of nature often during my blogging hiatus.

It is hard to believe that I haven't blogged here since 2014. The last few years have been eventful for me.
  1. I blogged my best ideas for a client instead of myself.
  2. I spent time taking care of my dad, who recently died. He was 91.
  3. I have resettled back into my house after spending years at my dad's.
  4. I have fretted over US politics and the bleakness of the future.
  5. I have seen the glory of the future possibilities.
  6. I have written new poems.
  7. I have expanded the nature of my freelance business.
  8. I have clients for my business that I share with my husband.
  9. I have new great-nieces and and great-nephews and newly married nephews.
  10. I have read hundreds of books on Kindle through Bookbub and Kindle Unlimited.
  11. I have listened to my favorite music on the Echo with Amazon Music Unlimited.
  12. I have lost and then found my glasses.
An that is just a short list of just a few highlights of the last few years. It would take a book...

A book is what I am concentrating on now. My business, Coskrey Biz, has expanded into book editing and maybe soon into publishing Kindle ebooks.  We have so many plans for future projects.

These are the better blogs from Talking about This and That that I wish to share with you.