Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2 Poems on Discovering Nature

Mere weeks after the Discovery Garden was planted, a few bushes bloomed.
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On a Visit to a Discovery Garden

The city of West Columbia, TX, recently planted a Discovery Garden funded by a grant from TNMP (Texas New Mexico Power), the local provider of power lines and electric meters along with the electricity it carries.

I volunteered to write some of the web pages associated with the garden.  These pages will be posted by the end of June.

The Muse Strikes

As my fellow volunteer, Sam, and I shared thoughts on what to write, I borrowed his key words along with  some of his thoughts and produced these 2 poems. They are stylized since they are part of a K-12 set of learning activities based on park visits. I thought I would share them anyway. If you get a chance, visit the web pages and the park. While you are at it, visit the other parks in West Columbia. I wrote more about them a couple of weeks ago.


The two Poems and some Photos
from the Discovery Garden

Note: All photos on this page are copyrighted 2014 by Coskrey Biz
and were taken by either Valerie or Wayne Coskey.

The Discovery Garden

© Valerie Coskrey

Planned to be sustainably Green,
The Discovery Garden is seen
Ladybug on Milkweed
To draw Man and butterflies alike.
For color and food, pollinators dance
 Among plants
With heat and drought tolerance
 Perfect for where temperatures spike.
 In the Coastal Texan summers scene,
Native species thrive as queen. 

Upon A Visit to the Discovery Garden

Firecracker Plant
©Valerie Coskrey 
Transcend through beauty to tranquility, peace,
by sustainable degrees;
Transport oneself through time
and space to relaxation;
Transcribe activities of flora and fauna,
tales of the birds and bees;
Transform landscapes to Green
with minimal vexation.

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