Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Poem about Chimeras and GMO Foods

Homage to Bt Corn
Valerie Coskrey © 2014

Oh, Chimera,
You're fated to be
Reviled for your
Lack of purity.

Your grandmothers 3
Are surprised to see
The offspring
Of your continuity

Since traits All behold
That ancestors gave
Through descent
Of grandparents 5 unfold.

Last line modified 8/11/15.

a cornfield in Texas
© Valerie Coskrey

A science poem on GMO corn produced by genetic engineering

Let us not forget about the animals and bacteria that produce insulin and other meds for us humans. Corn plants that are resistant to insects have the promise of increasing a farmer's yield. There are downsides to GMO products, but there is much promise, too.

An update to this post added 11/29/14:
See slide presentation on the top 10 GMO foods as presented by the Discovery Channel.

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